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Welcome to the Benton Franklin Fair online entry system. Please start by creating a log-in. If you are entering in both Open Class and 4-H, you can use one entry form.
ShoWorks Passport
Exhibitors can now create their own, free, permanent account a “ShoWorks Passport” and keep up with their entries including seeing instant updates to those entries when changed by the fair. They can keep their account information year-to-year and across other fairs and even reuse past entries from their own library of entries, saving them time and errors. Create entries across over 1,000 participating fairs in North America, directly from within the ShoWorks Passport app for iPhone or Android or a web browser.
Each Division has the Rules and Regulations visible for you to scroll through and read before entering in the Department.
Your admission pass will be available to pick up at the Fair Office, Aug. 16, 2021.
For assistance, you may call or/text Sara Renee at (509) 619-6260, or email your questions to Entries@bentonfranklinfair.com, subject line “help!” and we will respond as quickly as possible.